All American Men of War 114 – Balloon Buster vs the Undertaker


Kanigher is joined by Joe Kubert for Steve Savage’s tale in All American Men of War 114 (March/April 1966).


The Balloon Buster is pitted against a German flyer called the Undertaker in this issue.  Once again he falls afoul of Major Michaels, as he is blamed for leading two German planes towards their base, even though he shoots both of them down.  And once again General Talbot overrules the major because of Savage’s fighting skill.


Savage even finds a girl who is interested in him, likely because she does not hear him screaming “I’m the gun!” over and over.  She is the sister of a French flyer, who becomes friends with Steve.


The story culminates with Steve on the wing of the French flyer’s plane, as they pursue the Undertaker.  The Frenchman gets shot, and Steve winds up having to fly the plane with the corpse still in the cockpit, but manages to shoot down the Undertaker and land his plane safely.


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