All American Men of War 117 – Johnny Cloud ends, as does All American Men of War


Johnny Cloud stars in the final issue of All American Men of War, issue 117 (Sept/Oct 66).


Kanigher and Novick conclude Johnny Cloud’s run with a story that has him fighting against a rival family.  Many years earlier, Standing Bear challenged Johnny’s father for leadership of the tribe.  Standing Bear lost, and left in disgrace, with his son, Wolf Fang, vowing revenge.  When Wolf Fang learned that Johnny had joined the military, he went and joined the Nazis, to become a flyer, in hopes of facing off against him.


And that is what comes to pass in this story.  Wolf Fang’s desire for personal vengeance overrides any strategic concerns.  Wolf Fang shoots down another Nazi pilot who is about to kill Johnny, just to that Wolf Fang can get him himself.


Both Johnny and Wolf Fang wind up crashing into the ocean, and Wolf Fang drowns.

Not a bad story to finish off the run on.

Johnny Cloud appears next the following month, guest-starring in a Haunted Tank story in G.I. Combat.

While All American Men of War never gets revived, a different book, simply called Men of War, would launch in the mid-70s.


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