World’s Finest 11 – the Boy Commandos in Tunisia, and Batman battles a thief from the future


Another wartime cover on World’s Finest 11 (Fall 1943).


Simon and Kirby send the Boy Commandos to Tunisia in this story.


The art is just exceptional on this tale, Kirby likes the folds in clothing as much as the ancient Greek sculptors did.  Brooklyn is the central character in the story, first getting captured by the Nazis, along with Jan.


Later, Brooklyn and Alfy circle them on camels, as Rip Carter leads the other boys in a direct assault, to wipe out the Nazi base. I was kind of hoping for an appearance by Rommel in the story, but no such luck.


Finger, Robinson and Fred Ray pit Batman and Robin against a criminal from the future in this story.


Rob Callendar decides to travel back in time to Batman’s era, as he believes he knows how to become rich by doing so.  One might have thought he would have gone back to BEFORE Batman’s time, to avoid facing the crime fighter, but this does not occur to him.


His advanced weaponry proves a great help, but he does not want to cause any injuries, which makes problems with the gang he hooks up with. And though he is aiming for riches, he tries to steal things that have no apparent value.


Batman and Robin are both puzzled by the thefts, until Robin comes across a penny from 2043.  Robin thinks it’s a fake, but to Batman the whole thing now makes sense.  Callendar get pulled back to the future by his space warp without succeeding at any of his crimes.  The objects he was going for, though of little value in the present, would all be extremely rare antiquities in his time.


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