World’s Finest 9 – the Boy Commandos go to the circus


They may be pure propaganda, but some of the World’s Finest cover from during the war are the most entertaining things about the issues, such as this one, from issue 9 (Spring 1943).


Aside from the cover, the only story in this issue that stands out is the Boy Commandos tale, by Simon and Kirby.


While on a mission in France, the Boy Commandos team up with a small circus, touring the villages to try to perk up the occupied French.  They have a toothless lion in their menagerie.  Teeth or not, it easily scares off a number of German soldiers.  Rip Carter is leading the mission while disguised as a clown.


The Nazis begin to notice that the places the circus visits are also the locations of acts of sabotage against them.  So they choose to attend the circus to check it out.  Should have been more aggressive about it.  The Commandos take the German prisoner, and as the allied bombers arrive they free a number of prisoners of war, bringing them back to England.


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