World’s Finest 15 – Green Arrow vs Waxface, the Boy Commandos and the Aryan Superman, and Johnny Everyman debuts


Robin better make the right call on the cover of World’s Finest 15 (Fall 1944).


Maurice del Burgo’s art brings to life the Green Arrow story in this issue.


Green Arrow and Speedy are pitted against a master of disguise, Waxface.  The story is fairly straightforward, and once they figure out that it’s a case of impersonation, it moves directly towards its climax.


The art is what makes this tale stand out, particularly compared to Green Arrow’s earlier stories in this book.


Louis Cazeneuve does a creditable job on the Boy Commandos tale in this issue.


It’s a battle of ideals and morale as the Nazis challenge Rip Carter to fight their own “Aryan Superman” in a boxing match.  Rip accepts, and the Boy Commandos tag along.


But this one is Rip Carter’s struggle, as he stands up to, and bests, Von Butchar, throwing the man right into Adolf Hitler’s lap.  It’s a bit of a stretch to think that Rip made it out of their alive, Boy Commandos or no, but his match was impressive.


Jack Schiff and John Daly introduce Johnny Everyman, a series that has a heroic white male demonstrating that other races need to be considered as well.  Whatever its flaws, this series is sincere, and the effort to increase tolerance and understanding is commendable.


In this issue, Johnny tells a group of young boys about an adventure he had while working as an engineer in China.  He came to the aid of a Chinese woman, educated in the US, attempting to take photographs of a temple that was being used as a base by a gang of thieves.


The message of understanding the differences between cultures is not really illustrated by the tale he tells.  But as I said, it’s the thought that counts.


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