World’s Finest 24 – Impossible But True begins in Superman, the Boy Commandos sell vacuums, and Bulls-Eye debuts


Poor perspective makes the cover of World’s Finest 24 (Sept/Oct 46) more entertaining than intended.


The beginnings of the Impossible But True show are detailed in this Superman story, by Yarborough and Kaye.


Olga Olmstead is the original hostess of the radio show, but she uses her position to pass on coded messages to a criminal gang, because she is being blackmailed.


Because her programs are just a cover for the codes, the “impossible but true” things that she states are anything but true.  Unable to handle the situation, she intentionally goes overboard, and gets herself fired, to mess up the bad guy’s plans.  Superman suspects something is up, and makes her lies reality.

Superman saves her from the villains, and she gets a column in the Daily Planet to continue Impossible But True.  But once her credibility is gone, it’s easy to see that she couldn’t really hold that position anymore.

Clearly, Roy Raymond was hired to replace her, as his version of Impossible But True begins, in the pages of Detective Comics, a couple of years down the road.


Louis Cazeneuve and George Klein go for comedy in this Boy Commandos tale, as the boys decide to get jobs in order to earn enough money to buy a birthday present for Rip Carter.  They get hired to sell vacuum cleaners, which fail to function as promised.


The story is at its best when detailing the chaos the boys create with their demonstrations.  As it turns out, the reason the vacuums don’t work is because they conceal cameras with which the mob that hired the kids is casing the apartments the boys go to, in order to rob them later.  They boys capture the bad guys, and the ransom money lets them get Rip a gift.


Bull’s-Eye, who will become Green Arrow’s most recurring foe in this era, makes his debut in this story, by Steve Brodie.


We learn that the villain was once a circus athlete who performed under the name Leapo.  Bull’s-Eye is a definite improvement.  He turned to crime, and was caught and imprisoned.  As this story opens, he escapes, and dons a clown suit with a bull’s-eye symbol on it.


His first crime spree is quite varied.  He kidnaps and kills the district attorney who sent him to prison, but then goes for the bucks.  His attempt to flee in a blimp is about as successful as one might think, as Green Arrow and Speedy capture him.

Bull’s-Eye comes back in the very next issue.




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