World’s Finest 25 – Zatara screws up big time, Johnny Everyman promotes the UN, and Bull’s-Eye returns


Lots of sports covers on World’s Finest Comics, have you noticed that?


Zatara causes all the problems in this story, by Samachson and White, from World’s Finest 25 (Nov/Dec 46).  He decides to help out another magician, auditioning for a radio show.


Paying no attention to the fact that he is standing next to a mike, broadcasting live, he casts a backwards magic spell to make people turn into the animals they most resemble.


Much of the story details the chaos this causes, from the various people turned into animals.  Eventually Zatara climbs onto the radio broadcast tower and reverse the spell.

You’d think he would know better than to do such a silly thing, after nearly 20 years as a hero.


The Johnny Everyman story in this issue, by Schiff and Daly, promotes the United Nations, less than a year after the organization was created.


It’s kind of heart-breaking, to see the faith that was placed in the U.N., that it would be able to prevent wars.  The story boldly states that the U.N. will have the power to enforce decisions, which it never really did.


There is also an idealized version of what would become the U.N. peacekeepers, but no one ever got indicted for a conspiracy to break world peace.


Bull’s-Eye returns for a strong follow-up tale, by Samachson and George Papp.


Bull’s-Eye introduces his dartboard of crime, which will appear in a number of his stories.  He decides to make Green Arrow appear foolish in his new crime spree.


Despite his look, the character is not yet the copy of the Joker that he would become.



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