World’s Finest 34 – Tomahawk saves his shots


Odds are Batman built the vehicles pictured on the cover of World’s Finest 34 (May/June 1948), just based on his love of logos.


Tomahawk gets a story far more typical of his series in this issue, with art by Fred Ray.


Grey Cloud gets expelled from his tribe for showing cowardice in battle, and sets out to exact a very twisted vengeance.  He leads a group of renegades to attack the whites, intending to have them attack and destroy his people in return.


Tomahawk and Dan Hunter stumble across Grey Cloud and his men, and get taken captive.  They are only loosely held, and assigned to go hunt game, but with a limited amount of bullets.  Even still, it would be easy for the two to simply shoot these at the men holding them.  But Tomahawk doesn’t do this.  Instead, he shows great resourcefulness in using the bullets, getting the required amount of game while building up a store of bullets.


Once he has enough, Tomahawk turns on Grey Cloud, just in time to stop the soldiers at the fort from going all genocidal on the innocent natives.  The last panel shows Grey Cloud now as Tomahawk’s captive, but the dialogue implies that he is going to allow the disgraced chief to kill himself.




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