World’s Finest 41 – the Boy Commandos end


It’s photomania on the cover of World’s Finest 41 (July/Aug 49).


The Boy Commandos series in this book comes to an end with a story by Carmine Infantino and Frank Giacoia.


With the war over, the Boy Commandos became an adventure series, and though some good artists worked on the strip, its heyday had passed.  This story has flashbacks to the war years, but does not include the members no longer on the team.  Rip Carter and the boys come to the aid of three former navy members, now sailors, all of whom are having problems.


Together, the boys and Rip help the men overcome their fears and insecurities, and become functional sailors again.

Though their series in this book ends, their strip in Detective Comics, as well as their own book, continue, for a little while at least.


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