World’s Finest 48 – Superman uses microscopic vision, Full Steam Foley ends,and the Joker’s musical crimes


Robin’s getting left in the cold tonight on the cover of World’s Finest 48 (Oct/Nov 50).


William Woolfolk, Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye share a story which sees the first detailed depiction of Superman’s microscopic vision.


The story deals with a scientist who creates what appears to be a super-strong form of steel, knowing that it will molecularly collapse and disintegrate in a year.


When this begins happening, Superman rushes from disaster to disaster, trying to save people from collapsing bridges, derailing trains and buildings about to fall in on themselves.


Boring uses a really cool visual to show the microscopic vision, as Superman uses it on the steel, to determine what is wrong with it.  The scientist who created it almost falls victim himself, as he never considered how many things would be built with his product.


Full Steam Foley comes to an end with this story, by Cameron and Mortimer.


Foley meets a map with a map of sunken treasure, and they go to hunt for it, along with some shady salvage operators. Foley almost gets killed by them while down below on the hunt.


The bad guys are defeated, and Foley and his family do get the treasure.  As the story, and series, ends, they have become rich.  Ted once again proposes to Kathy, who insists she has to keep dealing with her father.

That rebuff was likely the final straw for Ted, who walked out on Kathy as soon as the story ended.  Kathy and her father, now wealthy, spend their days sitting around wasting time.  Foley eventually dies, and Kathy finds she is now a lonely old woman, Ted having moved on, married, and had children.


The Joker goes musical in this story by Finger, Schwartz and Sy Barry.


It begins with a composer introducing his newest piece, the Batman and Robin March.  The Joker crashes the event, and continues his musical theme to try to one up Batman.


There are some really great elements to the story.  The locations of the crimes can be plotted using a musical staff, which helps Batman and Robin deduce where he will strike next.


The giant killer props are actually made by a factory whose sign announces that they specialize in this.  The Gotham market for giant props likely made this one of the most profitable companies in the city.



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