World’s Finest 50 – Tom Sparks gets a job, and Batman and the Bullet Hole Club


I bet even Robin could run faster than those cars at top speed.


Tom Sparks, Boy Inventor returns in World’s Finest 50 (Feb/March 1951), as Dan Barry continues where the introductory story left off.


Tom leads an exploration of the Valley of Ghosts, discovers an ancient civilization, as well as a lot helicopter pilot and his beautiful daughter.


The story ends with the other men on the mission offering Tom a job with their company, Global Developments, Inc.  That’s a shady, world-dominating name for a company if ever I heard one.  They offer tom a laboratory, but when he says he wants to be out having adventures, they offer to fund those as well.  They are DESPERATE for this kid.



Reed, Sprang and Paris craft a really enjoyable tale, with a great giant prop.


The Bullet Hole Club is a weird group that celebrate being shot, but surviving, with the bullet having been lodged int he body.  One man is so eager to join that he draws Batman’s suspicions.  I would think so.  What an odd group to want to join.


He turns out to have shot one of the members of the group (though the man has no idea who shot him).  The bullet, still in his body, would provide evidence against him.  So he wants to join the group to get near the man he almost killed, so he can finish him off.  And Batman, too, cause he’s getting so nosy.


The giant gun, featured in the splash, is made the most of in the last few pages of the story.  The bad guy rigs it as a real murder weapon, and Batman later uses it’s latch to capture the villain.




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