World’s Finest 52 – Superman helps Wolfingham con people


There is a story whose title is boldly labelled on the cover of World’s Finest 52 (June/July 1951), but it is neither that of Superman nor Batman.


Wolfingham makes his third appearance in this book, but it is one of his better stories, by Boring and Kaye.


Wolfingham begins romancing a spinster, a competitor on a quiz show.  He gets the answers, and chats to her about the vital information.  The woman does not realize she is being fed an answer, but does win the contest.  The big prize is to have three wishes fulfilled by Superman.


Wolfingham takes clever advantage of the wishes.  He sells phony super-seeds after the woman wishes for a tree arbor, and hoaxes dozens by having Superman construct and move an ark.


Superman winds up pulling an elaborate con on Wolfingham in return, which brings restitution to his victims.  Almost all Wolfingham stories end that way.


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