World’s Finest 53 – Commissioner Gordon’s family


Or, you know, Superman could just fly over and save her.


The introduction of Comissioner Gordon’s son, Tony, is the most significant thing about this story, by Reed, Sprang and Paris, in World’s Finest 53 (Aug/Sept 51).


We are introduced to one of Gordon’s old enemies, an evil sheik.  On the splash page are pictures of Gordon growing up.  They are dated, but of course these dates apply only to this, Earth-2, version of the character.  Tony Gordon, his son, would be part of both the Earth-1 and Earth-2 versions of the character.


Batman disguises himself as Gordon, while the real commissioner goes into hiding until the Sheik is captured.  While Gordon’s fur-wearing wife is oblivious to the deception, Tony picks up on it right away.  Batman has to outwit the boy’s attempts to prove his father is someone else.


While Batman is occupied with that, Gordon grows a pair and decides to face up to the sheik.  He also comes across evidence of Batman’s identity, but destroys it.

Tony Gordon does appear again, but not for a while. Wish I could say exactly.  I will figure it out, once I go through Batman.



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