World’s Finest 60 – Wolfingham gets rich


Time for an aquacade on the cover of World’s Finest 60 (Sept/Oct 52).


J. Wilbur Wolfingham makes his final appearance until the late 1970s in this story by Al Plastino.  Although not likely intended to be read as his final story, it does bring the character to a great conclusion.


The opening is absurdly convoluted, with Wolfingham getting some money from having his picture used without consent, and then becoming the victim of a hoax by a different man.  He buys the rights to a machine that appears to be a destructive ray machine.  But the real swindler used one of Wolfingham’s old tricks against him, making Superman the unwitting partner in the con, to give the illusion that the machine functioned.


Wolfingham builds and sells copies of the machine, which do not work, and cause huge problems.  It takes Superman a while before he believes that Wolfingham is simply another dupe in this con, and not the mastermind.


Superman learns that the machine could be converted to a solar energy device, and Wolfingham becomes wealthy from owning the patent.

We can therefore assume that he remained a wealthy businessman, and had no need to return to crime.

This Wolfingham does make one more appearance, in an issue of Superman Family in the early 80s.  An Earth-1 version of the character debuts before this, in an issue of Superman in the late 70s.


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