World’s Finest 61 – kryptonite sunlight, and the Joker makes Batman cheat, steal and kill


No comment on Batman’s unusual pose behind Robin on the cover of World’s Finest 61 (Nov/Dec 52).


Kryptonite was still a new thing in the Superman series when this story, by Plastino and Kaye, was released.


Kryptonite meteors fall into the sun, which causes the sun’s rays to become toxic to Superman.  It was not until the late 50s that the sun would be given as the source of his powers.  At this point, gravity was still the only given explanation.


The story itself is not that great.  Superman has to stay in the shade to stay safe from the sun.  That’s far from the most difficult challenge he has faced.


On the other hand, the Batman and Robin story in this issue, by Reed, Schwartz and Paris, show a lot more creativity than most Joker stories from the era.


The Joker kidnaps Robin, and orders Batman to cheat, steal and kill in order to get Robin back safely.  With the help of some friendly newspapermen, Batman achieves these goals through wordplay.  He cheats death, and steals the Joker’s thunder.


The Joker plain out orders Batman to kill someone for the last challenge, but by then he has located Robin, and kills Joker’s chances of escape.



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