World’s Finest 63 – Captain Compass guests


Spreading the news on the cover of World’s Finest 63 (March/April 1953).


Captain Mark Compass gets a one-off story in this issue, with art by Joe Certa.  He has been asked to patrol the coasts of South America, to prevent an international criminal, the Rapier, from landing.


That’s one heck of a task.  But Compass takes an interesting tack on it, disguising himself as the Rapier, to work his way towards the man himself.


There is more detective work and less seamanship than usual for the series, but it’s a good tale.  Captain Compass’ series in Star Spangled Comics had ended about 6 months earlier, and this may have been a leftover story.  On the other hand, Captain Compass would begin a new run, in Detective Comics, in about 6 months, so this may have been a try-out to check his popularity.


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