World’s Finest 64 – King Faraday guests, and Wyoming Kid ends


Wow that extremely modern sign looks so old and awful.  But the narrow buildings on the cover of World’s Finest 64 (May/June 1953) remain cool.


The King Faraday story in this issue, by Robert Kanigher, Carmine Infantino and Sy Barry, was intended for the character’s own book, Danger Trail.  But that was abruptly cancelled. This story sat in the files for a couple of years before being printed here.


I’m glad they did.  It’s one of the best King Faraday stories, and has been reprinted a few times.  A Cold War thriller, with Faraday riding the Orient Express to try to find a rival spy carrying secret plans for a new weapon.  There is an artist who befriends him, and an actress who toys with him.


A really solid balance of mystery and action, but it did little for the character.  There was a Showcase issue int he late 60s which reprinted this, under the name I – Spy, but Faraday did not get any mileage out of that, and his next appearance was in Showcase 100 in the late 70s.


The Wyoming Kid’s series comes to an end in this issue, with a somewhat annoying story about a boy who hero worships the Kid, and the troubles that causes.  Gardner Fox, Howard Sherman and Bruno Premani are the creative team.


A renegade Apache believes he is being lied to and set up when the boy tells him his father is a friend of the Kid.  The misunderstandings multiply to almost bring a war between the Apache and the whites.


The Wyoming Kid prevails on calmer minds, and the Apache join the hunt against their own renegade.  The tale ends as the boy’s father and Wyoming Kid really do become friends.

The Wyoming Kid continues to appear in Western Comics.


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