World’s Finest 65 – Superman writes his story, Tomahawk begins, and Robin writes his story


The cover of World’s Finest 65 (July/Aug 53) finally gets the heroes into dramatic action.  Amazing that it took over ten years to do that regularly.


Superman had only found out about his Kryptonian heritage a couple of years earlier, and this Boring and Kaye story is the first to use it in this book.


Superman is enlisted to write his story for the Daily Planet, and we see Krypton, Jor-El and Lara in a flashback to his origin.


The Kents also appear, shown as a very elderly couple in this era.  Superboy also appears in the flashback, fighting an early enemy, the Blaze.

The rest of the story takes place in the present, with a man claiming to be the Blaze, and Superman accused of lying.  Just some action stuff to fill out the tale.


Fred Ray does the art as Tomahawk returns to this book for a much longer run.  He is starring in his own series as well at this time.


The story has Tomahawk exploring for US settlement, coming up against natives and British exploring from the Canadian side.  Makes this a very odd tale to read, as Tomahawk’s heroism is sort of predicated on the “right” of the US to these lands.


Vicki Vale, who had been around in the Batman books for a few years, makes her first apparance in this book in a tale by Schwartz and Paris.


Vicki is shown as a blonde, which was the case in a number of her stories in the early 50s.  Fair to say she dyed her hair occasionally.  Batman is believed to have died in this story, as witnesses saw him in the explosion that blasted him to bits.  The story has five people recount their memories of Batman.  Robin opens the story, recalling the deaths of his parents – the second flashback to an origin in the issue!


Vicki\s story pertains more to the plot.  Batman is not dead, of course.  But he is keeping silent to hunt out the real killer.  The actual victim was wearing Batman’s costume.  It’s not a great story, and I really didn’t explain it well, either.



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