World’s Finest 73 – Superman and Batman, con artists


The Superman/Batman team-up in World’s Finest 73 (Nov/Dec 54) was retold later in the run, but the original, by Edmond Hamilton, Swan and Kaye, is fun as well.


Clark Kent and Lois Lane come to a fair to check out a swami who has been giving amazingly accurate predictions.  He stuns Clark by announcing that he is Superman.  It’s kind of shameful that he never figures out this is Batman until the “swami” unmasks.

Batman then enlists Superman in his phony swami scam, which he has been carrying off with the aid of Robin, in the hopes of luring a wanted felon out of hiding.


Superman joins the con, and Batman gives people wild predictions, which Superman makes come true.  The guy comes out of hiding, but Robin gets caught and the plan messes up.  For a while at least.  This patsy never had a chance.


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