World’s Finest 75 – the Superman/Robin team!


Finger, Swan and Kaye create a classic tale in World’s Finest 75 (March/April 1955).


Batman gets injured in a battle with the purple mask mob, and winds up in a cast.  Robin teams up with Superman to take down the gang as Batman recuperates.


Batman’s jealousy is what makes this story so funny.  He throws away trophies to clear room for the new team, just to show that he is taking things ok.  In fact, he is acquiring the trophies to deduct the gang’s hideout.


There is a second twist as the story ends.  Batman’s leg was never broken!  He had fallen sick with a disease that would have killed him if he didn’t get rest, and Superman and Robin conned him into thinking his leg was broken, until he recovered.

Silly, but entertaining.  The story was re-written with Batgirl shortly after that character’s introduction, and what is homosexual subtext here becomes overt when the rival is a woman.


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