World’s Finest 80 – the Gotham Gazette


The cover of World’s Finest 80 (Jan/Feb 56) does show a scene from the story, but gives no hint that the tale, by Hamilton, Sprang and Kaye, is centred on newspaper publishing.


Batman calls Superman for help when a Gotham newspaper is in danger of going out of business.  Yup, that’s what sets this story off.  No criminal activity, just the free market.  Anyway, with Perry White’s blessing the Planet takes over the Gotham Gazette for a month, during which Lois Lane will be the editor, and Bruce Wayne will become a reporter.


There is a crime plot, of course, to fill out the tale, but the story is about seeing Bruce Wayne function in Clark Kent’s job.  Alfred gets a small role in the story, as he chauffeurs Bruce to his assignments.



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