World’s Finest 87 – Superman and Batman switch powers, again


Finger, Sprang and Kaye pull the old switcheroo again in World’s Finest 87 (March/April 1957).


This time the changes are intentional.  A villain, who is more concerned with covering his face than his body, comes across some capsules created by Jor-El, that will temporarily endow someone with super-powers.  He attacks Superman with kryptonite, and Superman takes a capsule to regain his powers, not realizing that they have become contaminated with kryptonite as well.  The result, no powers for Superman.


So he gives the capsules to Batman and Robin, and they get powers for the duration of the story.


Even so, the climax still comes down to the villain with the super-powers, facing a powerless Superman. The bad guy shoots him, and Superman falls, but of course the costume is invulnerable, and he was just playing possum.


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