World’s Finest 101 – Superman and Batman vs the Atom-Master, and Tomahawk ends


The Atom-Master gets introduced by Finger and Sprang in World’s Finest 101 (May 1959).


The story begins as it appears that Batman and Superman have gone on criminal sprees.  In fact, these were just illusions of the heroes, accompanying actual criminals, working for the Atom-Master.  He has a really large helmet with which he can create these illusions. He decoys Superman and Batman away from more crimes by his gang, as they deal with illusions of disasters.  Finally, the heroes notice that the illusions cast no shadows. Took them a long time to see that.


The Atom-Master has been using the loot to finish off a machine that will make his illusions reality.  Superman knocks him out and takes his place.  He creates an illusion of a dinosaur, which his gang believes is real, in order to capture them.

Atom-Master returns in the 80s as a member of the Forgotten Villains.


I had not intended to skip over Tomahawk’s series in this book, but it seems that is what happened.  None of the stories really had anything stand out about them.


It also doesn’t help that most of them are a bit too white supremacist for me.  In this one, Tomahawk and the cavalry scare off attacking natives by using scarecrows.  They then allow the natives to find out they are being tricked this way, so that they will not expect that the scarecrows they face in battle are real soldiers dressed that way.

Dave Wood and Bob Brown were not going out of their way to be offensive, and the story is clever.  But it’s so hard to read a story where the message is that the whites are so much smarter and more entitled to the land than the natives.

Though his series ends in this book, his own book continues for many years.


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