World’s Finest 103 – Superman and Batman and the Sorcerer’s Treasure


Superman, Batman and Robin have their hands full in World’s Finest 103 (Aug. 59), as two men go in search of four deadly weapons, in a story by Finger, Sprang and Paris.


The story opens as Batman and Robin deal with a giant green dragon, released from a magical box.  The man who released is one of two antique shop owners who are tracking down four “Sorcerer’s Treasures.”


The two men are fighting to acquire them, while Batman and Robin are joined by Superman is trying to prevent anyone from getting them.  There is a prism that reflects any attack, a glove that fires disintegrating power blasts, and a cloak of invisibility.


The heroes triumph, and Superman throws the “treasures” into space.  They appear to be destroyed in the last panels of the story, but their magical nature must preserve them.  They return to Earth eventually, and the quest to retrieve them is one of the big storylines in Secret Society of Super-Villains in the late 70s.


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