World’s Finest 89 – the Club of Heroes, and Tales of the Arrow Maker guests


A number of later stories and concepts look back to the Club of Heroes tale from World’s Finest 89 (July/Aug 57) for their genesis, although they all ignore what is the real thrust of this story.


The Club of Heroes draws its membership largely from the Batmen of All Nations – the Knight and the Squire, the Musketeer, the Legionary and the Gaucho had all last appeared in that story, a couple of years earlier.  Hamilton, Sprang and Kaye add Superman to the mix, invited by millionaire John Mayhew.


But after this promising start, the rest of the story deals with Lightning Man, which is pretty obviously Superman in a different guise.  He has been affected by kryptonite, and has no idea he has developed a split personality as a result.

Most of the heroes from this story would not appear again until revived during Grant Morrison’s run on Batman, although this organization would be credited as a root from which the Global Guardians grew.


Tales of the Arrow Maker, by Jim McArdle, steps in to take Tomahawk’s place for one issue.  It’s a fitting replacement, as the series was a back-up in Tomahawk’s own book.


The Arrow Maker tells some young native boys the legend of Kawan, the Keeper of Winds and Wendi, the West Wind.


It’s not a bad story by any means, but my favourite thing about it is that one of the children is named Saucy Chipmunk.



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