World’s Finest 94 – Superman ditches Batman for Powerman


An origin is given for the Superman/Batman team, which contradicts all earlier variations of how they met, in a story by Hamilton, Sprang and Kaye in World’s Finest 94 (May/June 1958).


Batman and Robin are puzzled, and hurt, when Superman dumps them for a mysterious new hero, Powerman.


Batman and Robin follow Superman and Powerman around as they go after Lex Luthor, trying to figure out who the new hero is.  As they do this, Batman recalls the first time he and Superman worked together, as he saved Superman from a criminal armed with kryptonite.


As it turns out, the present day situation is much like the one from the past, as Luthor has kryptonite, and Powerman is a robot Superman constructed in case Luthor used it on him. The given explanation is that Superman wanted to keep Batman and Robin safe from Luthor, which is odd.  He never worried before.

Often reprinted, this story was also reworked later in the run by Roy Thomas, who introduced a real Powerman in the tale.



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