World’s Finest 97 – Superman and Batman and the crime predictor, and Green Arrow takes on a robot octopus


Finger, Sprang and Kaye helm the Superman/Batman team-up in World’s Finest 97 (Oct. 58).


There is some really great art in this story, which helps, as the tale is a fairly predictable one.  A crime predictor forecasts that Batman and Superman will capture members of the Condor gang in exactly the way that they do.  The remaining gang members kidnap the predictor’s creator, and make a movie in which it appears Batman is taking bribes.


But it’s all a huge hoax, as the crime predictor’s creator is really Superman in disguise, and the whole story an elaborate way of uncovering the identity of the leader of the gang, masked even to his associates.


Jack Kirby had taken over the art on the Green Arrow strip in this book with the previous issue, but frankly, the story was just run of the mill.  With this issue, France Herron, Kirby and Roz Kirby get things hopping right from the outside with a giant, mechanical octopus that is being used for crime.


What could be a completely forgettable tale with no name villains instead is a science fiction delight, and the credit all goes to Kirby’s artwork.


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