World’s Finest 118 – Superman traded for an alien, and Miss Arrowette returns


Lots of terrible looking aliens in World’s Finest comics from this era.  But as I need to write about World’s Finest 118 (June 1961), I have to cover this story.


As the cover implies, Superman gets traded for an alien creature in this Coleman, Sprang and Moldoff tale.  An alien criminal caused the exchange.  Batman and Robin deal with the beast, who is gaining powers on Earth by eating iron ore.  Meanwhile, Superman’s powers function differently on Xeron, the planet he is trapped on.


Superman has to defeat the villain and get back to Earth before Batman and Robin destroy the Skran, which would trap him on Xeron.  He succeeds.


Wood and Elias bring back Miss Arrowette in this story.  After noticing that Green Arrow does not respond to an arrow-signal, she gets her bow and quiver and heads back out as Miss Arrowette.  or as Bonnie King.  With no costume, there isn’t much difference.


Despite the help that she is providing, Green Arrow, Speedy and even the police are pissed off at her.  Bonnie believes the archers are ill, and not on their game, and decides to be their “guardian angel” until they recover.


A good motivation, if the wrong logic.  In fact, the heroes are trying to let the villains escape, to tail them back to their boss.  Miss Arrowette keeps messing the plans up.  All becomes clear in the end, and the bad guy gets caught.  Green Arrow ends the tale insisting that Bonnie stop being Miss Arrowette.

On the other hand, he apparently also starts dating her, as Oliver Queen, as they are shown going to an amusement park together in her next appearance, in Justice League of America.


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