World’s Finest 124 – an alien partner for the heroes, and Tommy Tomorrow ends


Coleman, Curt Swan and Jerry Forte are the creative team on World’s Finest 124 (March 1962).


The story feels pretty formulaic.  There are alien invaders, but also a young alien who has come to Earth to fight against them.  It takes the heroes a while to realize the alien boy is actually on their side.


The alien boy and Robin switch identities, which serves to protect the boy when his people try to kill him.  They use their machine on Robin, and is has no effect.  The one thing that makes this tale stand out is Curt Swan’s art.


Tommy Tomorrow’s series comes to an end with a tale by Miller and Mooney.


A raffle is held, with the prize being a day with Tommy Tomorrow (and Brent Wood, but his name is not exciting enough to be a draw).  The person who “wins” actually stole the ticket, and uses Tommy to hook up with a group of space raiders, as they hope to steal some of the Planeteers devices.


But Tommy turns the tables on the bad guy, as his ship is able to split into three, another secret of the Planeteers.  This leave Tommy and Brent each piloting an attack ship, while the alien villain remains their captive.

Later in the year Tommy Tomorrow begins quite a long run of Showcase issues, getting the cover spot after over 20 years of back-up stories.


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