World’s Finest 129 – the Joker/Luthor team returns


Mooney and Moldoff create some of their best art on this France Herron story, which bring back the Joker/Luthor team, in World’s Finest 129 (Nov. 62).


The Joker comes to Metropolis to rob a clock display, hosted by tv star Clifton Hilton.  He has teamed with Luthor, who stays hidden until Superman arrives.  Luthor has an atomic disperser that turns Superman into some cool bubbles, while Batman and Robin get defeated by some less dramatic weaponry.


The story is not too different from their earlier outing, as the villains work harmoniously together to defeat their nemeses.  Once again there is deception as to their real goals, but the art along the way is far more fun in this tale.


The first attack, on the clock display, was really just a cover to get footage of Hilton, who Luthor impersonates at the climax of the story.  But the heroes figure out their plan, and capture them.



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