World’s Finest 131 – Superman and Batman vs the Crimson Avenger (sort of)


A new Crimson Avenger appears in World’s Finest 131 (Feb. 63), in a story by Finger, Sprang and Paris.


This Crimson Avenger is an aspiring crime fighter.  He has some impressive weaponry, but his lack of experience makes him more of a hindrance than a help to Batman and Superman.  He claims to have taken the name of an earlier hero, which must be a reference to the original Crimsons Avenger.  That’s a little on the awkward side, as we are now well into the “Earth-1” period, and there is no way this person could have known of the Earth-2 Crimson Avenger.


The Crimson Avenger refuses to face his incompetence, and gets furious when the newspapers mock him.


When Superman and Batman next face the Octopus Gang (the villains throughout the tale), the Crimson Avenger appears to be working on their side,  But Batman quickly deduces that this is not the same person as before.  And, indeed, the gang captured the wanna-be hero, and one of the hoods took his place.


In the end the guy really does help Superman, Batman and Robin take down the Octopus Gang, but also realizes that he is simply not cut out for crime fighting, and retires.  We never see this version of the Crimson Avenger again.


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