World’s Finest 133 – Superman and Batman battle monsters from the stars, and Aquaman teams with Aqua-Girl


Just a terrible cover on World’s Finest 133 (May 1963), and the story, by Finger and Mooney, isn’t much better.


A romantic triangle involving rival scientists is at the core of this story.  Professor Bowles has built a new telescope, but Henry Gault warns that it will bring down evil monsters from the stars.  Both men are in love with Norah Carter.


It’s really Gault that evoked the creatures, magically.  Superman and Batman realize he is controlling them when the creatures avoid hurting Norah.  They defeat Gault by impersonating his monsters, and Bowles and Norah wind up together.


Jack Miller and Ramona Fradon introduce an Atlantean Aqua-Girl in this story, Selena.  She takes the role of Aquaman’s partner when Aqualad gets injured.


Selena proves herself a capable partner, which makes Aqualad jealous, as well as Merlon, Selena’s Atlantean boyfriend.


But Aqualad had nothing to worry about.  Selena was really only interested in making Merlon jealous so that he would propose.  Once Aqualad is healed, there was never any question of him becoming Aquaman’s partner again.

Topo is in the story as well, but any jealousy he has is not addressed.


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