World’s Finest 134 – Superman and Batman and chaos in Science City, and Miss Arrowette saves the day with a mascara arrow


Superman and Batman fend off an unusual invasion plot in World’s Finest 134 (June 1963).


Finger and Mooney set this adventure in Science City, a high tech city of the future, located on an island just off the coast.  Lois Lane and Clark Kent are covering it for the paper, when weird aliens begin to attack.


Batman and Robin come to fight the monsters, and Clark changes to Superman.  Lois’ role is largely confined to suspecting Clark is Superman, after they discover that the aliens sealed the city in a bubble, but did so before Superman “arrived.”


The alien villains turn out to be humans, transformed by the actual aliens as part of their first wave of attack.  Makes no difference, the heroes still defeat them, and even “prove” to Lois that Clark Kent is not Superman.


With this issue Green Arrow and Aquaman begin alternating back-up stories.  Now appearing only once in every two issues, the stories are of longer length, so it’s actually an improvement.


Bonnie King, Miss Arrowette, returns in this story by Herron and Elias, making her third and final appearance in the Green Arrow series.  The story has to do with two kidnapped inventors.  Green Arrow goes through the tale making disparaging remarks about Bonnie’s crime fighting skills, but she is the one to figure out that the people that Green Arrow and Speedy “rescued” are really part of the criminal gang.


And, as has happened in every one of Miss Arrowette’s stories, it’s one of her special arrows that is used to save the day.  In this case, a mascara arrow.

Bonnie King retires at this point.  Much later we learn that she married, and had a daughter.  Bonnie King returns, as a super-hero version of the stage mother, in Impulse, in the late 90s.


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