World’s Finest 136 – The Batman Nobody Remembered


Batman is the solo star of the enjoyable Finger and Mooney story from World’s Finest 136 (Sept. 63).


The story begins as Batman crashes the Batplane during a storm.  Shortly thereafter, he sees and apprehends the Joker, but when he brings him in to Commissioner Gordon, the story takes an odd twist.  Gordon has no idea who Batman is, but recognizes the Joker, a prominent tv actor, not a criminal at all.


Puzzled, Batman heads to Wayne Manor.  He finds Alfred and Dick Grayson, but there is also a Bruce Wayne, there, who looks exactly like Clark Kent.  Batman realizes he must be on some parallel world.


And indeed, that is the case.  It’s a world without Batman, where Superman and Robin are partners.  He finds someone who appears to be Lois Lane, but who calls herself Vicki Vale.


This world’s Superman thinks Batman is insane, but when he helps Superman and Robin capture the Red Raven gang, Superman starts to believe his story about coming from a parallel world.  They fix the Batplane, and he heads back, through another storm.


The story ends with Batman back on his own world.  Vicki Vale is shown, a rare appearance for her in this book, and Batwoman as well, for no particular reason.


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