World’s Finest 137 – Superman turns evil


World’s Finest 137 (Nov. 63) has one of the better plots from this era, thanks to Finger and Mooney.


Superman heads into space to help aliens fix up their planet, but when he returns to Earth, he begins a crime spree, heading back out into space at the end of it.


Superman returns, claiming to remember nothing of this.  Batman and Robin believe him at first, until they see the transformation occur right in front of them, and Superman turns evil again.  Again, at the end of his spree he heads back out into space.


When  Superman returns a third time, no one trusts him, not even Batman and Robin, who explain his past actions.  But Batman has also grown suspicious, and finds that Luthor is behind this.  It was not Superman who “returned” the first two times, but a Superman robot that Luthor built.  He expected Superman to believe he had lost control of his mind, and exile himself.  By now, Luthor should have learned to consider Batman as much of a threat.


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