World’s Finest 139 – The Ghost of Batman, and Aquaman ends


World’s Finest 139 (Feb. 64) spins a huge web out of the difficulties of maintaining a secret identity, but Dave Wood, Jim Mooney and Sheldon Moldoff use Batwoman as the core of the problem, rather than the more usual Lois Lane.


Kathy Kane has a date with Bruce Wayne at a time when Batman is going to be appearing at a public function. As Alfred is otherwise occupied, Superman steps in to impersonate Batman.  The problem arises when Batman appears to be killed in a huge explosion, one he could not possible have survived.


Even Robin thinks Batman is dead, and seeing his ghost does not help.  The hereos are surprised that Robin didn’t figure things out.  Superman is pretending to be the dead Batman, while Batman now is impersonating Superman.  They continue this charade to scare the Sphinx Gang, the ones who set off the bomb.


But then Batwoman gets involved, and finds out about the impersonation, which makes her suspect Bruce all over again.  Alfred steps in at the end to impersonate Batman, who is joined by Superman, while Kathy is with Bruce Wayne.

Silly, but fun.  A refreshing variation, thanks to the presence of Batwoman.


Aquaman’s series comes to an end with this story by Miller and Fradon.


An underwater treasure hunt is at the core of this story.  Aquaman is against it as being too dangerous, but the members of the Daredevil Club proceed anyway.  As it progresses, it becomes clear to Aquaman and Aqualad that someone is trying to kill one of the contestants – and the two of them as well, now that they are on the trail.


It’s a surprisingly solid mystery, one of the best tales of Aquaman’s run in this book.

Although his series here ends, he continues to appear in his own book.


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