World’s Finest 141- the Olsen/Robin team debuts


With World’s Finest 141 (May 1964), the Superman/Batman team-ups entered their best period.  The New Look Batman was just about to hit the stands – he appears in this story with the yellow circle around the emblem before the official start in Detective Comics.  Part of the New Look was aging Robin, making him about the same age as Jimmy Olsen, and allowing the Olsen/Robin team to come into existence.


Edmond Hamilton, Curt Swan and George Klein do an excellent job on this story, which sees a news predictor makes startlingly accurate predictions, before forecasting the deaths of Robin and Jimmy Olsen.  The two young men act as if they are scared for their lives, and nothing Superman or Batman can do calms them down.


The heroes then find the boys dead and buried.  But at this point, the reader is let in on the secret. They were behind the news predictor.  Robin made all the pre-planned predictions come true.  They stumbled across a plot by hoods who have a machine that makes them invisible.  The bad guys plan to kidnap the boy in order to force Batman and Superman to let them run free.

Jimmy Olsen and Robin fake their deaths to nullify the plan, and go after the invisible bad guys themselves.


They even open a secret base, complete with mementos of past adventures, the Eyrie.  This would appear again in a later story.


Of course, the boys shockingly underestimated Superman and Batman.  Once the crooks are caught, the heroes turn the tables on the boys, putting fake corpses in the coffins.  Superman had spotted their fingerprints on the outsides of the lead coffins, and knew all along they were not dead.


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