World’s Finest 147 – the Superman/Batman team vs the Olsen/Robin team


It’s youth vs experience in World’s Finest 147 (Feb. 65) as the Olsen/Robin team branch out on their own.


Robin and Jimmy Olsen are moving trophies into the Eyrie.  We see that interplanetary clock, usually seen in Superboy’s possession, from Robin’s first encounter with him.  There are also two space jewels that Jimmy brings, a gift from Superman.  Robin and Jimmy quite abruptly turn on their mentors, adopt new costumes, which feature the jewels, and become a crime fighting team on their own.


Superman and Batman are puzzled at the sudden change in their behaviour, and it doesn’t take too long to figure out that the jewels are central to this.


Heading to the planet where Superman found them, they discover that the gems give off a mental command to anyone who possesses them, who is not invulnerable, to restore them to their location.  Jimmy and Robin’s action have all been about getting the jewels back to their home planet.

This is actually a re-write of a Tommy Tomorrow story from the early 50s.  Probably the exact same gems.



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