World’s Finest 154 – the Super-Sons debut


World’s Finest 154 (Dec. 65) introduces the Super-Sons of Batman and Superman, but was clearly intended as a one-shot “Imaginary Story.”  As it turned out, Swan and Klein contributed to what would become a running feature in this book


This story opens with the double wedding of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and Bruce Wayne and Kathy Kane.  The women know their husband’s secret identities.  Right from the start, there is some trouble brewing, as Kathy and Bruce head off on a luxurious honeymoon, while Clark and Lois go it on the cheap, to help maintain his cover identity.


Lois is increasingly jealous of Kathy, whose crime fighting past as Batwoman means the men treat her a bit more as an equal.  The tensions boil over when it comes to the women’s young sons.  Superman Jr roughhouses with Batman Jr.  The boy doesn’t mind, but Kathy steps in, and Lois gets upset, and the boys get forbidden to play with each other.


A midget criminal takes advantage of this, luring the boys to his hide-out and then holding them captive.


When the two couples find that their children are missing they put aside all difficulties and work together to rescue the boys.  Kathy gets back into her Batwoman gear, and Lois insists that she come along as well.

The Super-Sons would return as teens in their next adventure.


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