World’s Finest 157 – the Super-Sons return


Hamilton, Swan, Klein and Moldoff bring back the Super-Sons, now teenagers, in World’s Finest 157 (May 1966).


Kathy Kane and Lois Lane get small roles, but the story really deals with the relationship between Superman and Batman and their respective sons.  The boys begin playing increasingly dangerous and irresponsible pranks.


Whenever they get confronted by their angry fathers, the boys deny doing anything wrong.  The dads decide a good old fashioned camping trip, in full costumes, might bond them better with the boys.


In fact the situation gets worse, but the boys just keep denying everything.  It becomes clear that there must be two impersonators in the story.


But it does come as an enjoyable surprise when these are revealed as Bat-Mite Jr and Mxyzptlk Jr.  Again, an inventive variation on the Bat-Mite/Mr. Mxyzptlk team.


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