World’s Finest 159 – The Cape and Cowl Crooks


Hamilton, Swan and Klein create another classic with World’s Finest 159 (Aug. 66), “The Cape and Cowl Crooks.”


Perry White is doing a special for the Daily Planet on Superman and Batman’s headquarters, and foes, with the aid of Commissioner Gordon.  They tour both the Batcave and the Fortress of Solitude.  Kandor is shown.


Later, Superman and Batman are each attacked by evil versions of themselves, with matching powers or equipment.  The Anti-Superman and Anti-Batman seem to know everything about the heroes.


They release a number of the big name villains, and we see the Joker, Riddler and Penguin between frequent appearances in Bat-books.  The Prankster and Toyman, on the other hand, were not so common at this time.  The Toyman had appeared the previous year, but the Prankster’s last appearance had been in 1955, in Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen.  Neither appears again until the mid-70s.


It becomes clear that, despite all that they do know, the Anti-Superman and Anti-Batman do not know the heroes identities.  Anti-Batman spends his time driving around Gotham City, asking anyone who is associated with Batman if they know where he is.  He does this with Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.


It turns out to be Perry White and Commissioner Gordon, under the influence of chemicals from the Fortress of Solitude.  A typical easy out ending, but a fun trip on the way there.


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