World’s Finest 169 – The Supergirl/Batgirl Plot


Bates, Swan and Klein bring what I consider the heyday of this book to an end with World’s Finest 169 (Sept. 67) with “The Supergirl/Batgirl Plot,” a story whose insanity almost overloads, but which remains a delight.


Batgirl was still a relatively new character at the time of this tale, but Supergirl had been featured in Action Comics for close to a decade.  Both get captured as the story begins.


The kidnapping seems to get dropped, though.  The story then goes on to show the female heroes outclassing their male counterparts.


While there is nothing criminal about their behaviour, it’s also clear that something is going on with the women.


Pretty soon Supergirl and Batgirl start actively messing with the heroes, who find themselves losing their powers and vitality.  Even the Batmobile breaks down.  Superman unmasks Supergirl and reveals Black Flame.


Similarly, Batgirl is revealed to be Catwoman.  There is an explanation given as to how they formed a team – but then another twist makes this sequence irrelevant.


Supergirl and Batgirl return, and we find out that the fake version were not Black Flame and Catwoman. Those were just more disguises adopted by Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk in another of their crazy challenges.  It may not make an awful lot of sense, but it’s fun enough not to matter.

This is the final team-up of the two imps until the late 90s.  And the last appearance of Bat-Mite for over a decade, until he returns in a great issue of Detective Comics, which I have already blogged about.


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