World’s Finest 173 – Batman becomes Two-Face


Shooter, Swan and Klein bring back Two-Face, at least in concept, for the first time since the 1950s in World’s Finest 173 (Feb. 68).


It’s a very odd story.  Superman and Batman are both asked to name their “most dangerous” foe they have ever faced.  Though numerous foes are discussed, Batman picks the long-absent Two-Face, and Superman comes up with Kralik, who had never actually appeared before this story.


The real villain in the story is Dr. Aaron, who has a long standing grudge against the heroes.  After learning who they fear most, he uses a psyche-distorter on them, which causes them to adopt the identities of the men they fear.  In other words, Batman becomes Two-Face, and Superman becomes Kralik.


Things go haywire when Robin gets involved.  He gets captured by Dr. Aaron, who then finds himself pursued by “Two-Face.”


Dr. Aaron is forced to take his psyche-distorter chemicals himself, which transform him into a Composite Superman type character, but without the powers.  As well, the chemicals will kill him.  Harsh.  The heroes do return to normal, though.



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