World’s Finest 178 – Superman goes Nova


Bates, Swan and Jack Abel begin a 2-part “Imaginary Story” in World’s Finest 178 (Sept. 68), which sees Superman adopt a new identity, that of Nova.


On a space mission, Superman flies through some funky psychedelics, which strip him of his powers permanently.


Superman spends a while trying to re-charge them, then mopes.  He sees Green Arrow and Speedy performing at a charity function, and this inspires him to become a costumed hero even without powers.  Despite Green Arrow’s presence on the cover, his entire role in this story consists solely of this scene.


Later, Batman winds up sparring with a new hero, Nova.  The only thing Nova has going for him is a cape that is indestructible. Batman defeats Nova anyway, and unmasks him.  It’s Superman.

Batman attempts to convince Superman to give up on being Nova, but Superman falls into the hands of a mob boss.

The story concludes in the issue after next.  179 was a giant reprint issue.



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One thought on “World’s Finest 178 – Superman goes Nova

  1. Ismael M.Saeed August 13, 2016 at 10:46 pm Reply

    Hello. Why did not Superman go to the Fortress of Solitude to use his futurist devices to replace his lost powers? Why did he forget to find a cure in Kandor? Why did he forget that he had belts and rings that enabled hi to fly and gain powers artificially? It seems that Bates just wanted to kill Super and get rid of the character. Alan Moore would come almost 18 years later to settle his account with the Superheroes in WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE MAN OF TOMORROW. Super is the best.But, some of the stories put him in bad light.


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