World’s Finest 181 – who’s hunting Superman?


Bates, Andru and Esposito take World’s Finest 181 (Dec. 68) in an unexpected direction.


Superman gets a warning from the computer in the Fortress of Solitude, telling him and Batman to leave Earth.  Superman heads to an alien world, and Batman goes back in time, but both get hunted down and brought to the planet Orr.


The people of this planet consider Superman and Batman their founders.  Though idolizing them, the people are very odd, and demand that the heroes stay there forever.


Batman picks up on some nice, relatively subtle, clues, and deduces that this is really Bizarro World from the far future, it’s shape changed and its inhabitants evolved.


To piss them off, Superman and Batman start acting like Bizarros.  This so upsets the Orrians that they kick them off the planet, and send it back to future, returning Bizarro and his world and people to their proper time.


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