World’s Finest 190 – sharing Superman’s powers


Bates, Andru and Esposito conclude the story of Superman’s powers being divvied up with his body parts in World’s Finest 190 (Dec. 69).


The hoods who Luthor operated on, giving them Superman’s body parts, go into crime together, wearing matching outfits that highlight their powers.  I bet Luthor provided those as well.


The second half of this story is really not up to the level of the first.  Luthor figures out that Superman’s heart is a fake, and so of course all the rest of the body parts were as well.  Superman was never dead, and was, in fact, disguised as the alien who claimed to kill him.  It was all a big scam to lure out the four crime bosses, the ones who won the auction for the body parts.  Batman does carry the action, but it remains more of a Superman tale anyway.


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