World’s Finest 193 – Superman and Batman and the big escape


Haney, Andru and Esposito conclude their cold war prison drama in World’s Finest 193 (May 1970).


Perry White uses his journalist credentials to visit Superman and Batman, both being held in squalid conditions.  He encourages them to escape, and they make a few failed attempts.


Just as Perry is about to head back home, the two heroes do manage to break free, and return to US for a triumphant parade.


It turns out that those are not the real heroes, who are still in prison.  They are impostors, and the break-out was staged.  They have been sent to spy, give false information on the synthetic kryptonite, and ultimately set off a bomb to kill a number of high ranking officials.  Superman and Batman act all despondent, but secretly plot to escape.  I find the dialogue interesting.  They plot to fool the dictator by switching places, but cite the Justice League adventure against Dr. Light as the source of this idea – rather than the earliest times they teamed up!


Their trick works, as it always does.  Superman and Batman get back just in time to prevent their imitators from setting off the bomb.


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