World’s Finest 195 – the end of the Olsen/Robin team


Haney, Andru and Esposito conclude their mafia Batman story in World’s Finest 195 (Aug. 70).


The second half of this story is even worse than the first.  Superman convinces the brain-damaged Batman (who thinks he is a mob boss impersonating Batman) that he has been brainwashed.  Batman orders Superman to kill Robin and Jimmy Olsen, and both think they are outwitting the other.


This does mark the last story to show the Olsen/Robin team, who do seem to get killed off.


The real mob boss gets loose, just to add more confusion to the story.


It would take far too long to relate all the twists and turns, most of which are preposterous anyway.  The Olsen/Robin team wind up saving the day, and the heroes.


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