World’s Finest 198 – Superman and Flash race to the end of space


With issue 198 (Nov. 70), World’s Finest becomes a Superman team-up book, launching with a 2-part Superman/Flash race, by Denny O’Neil, Dick Dillin and Joe Giella.


People begin getting “unstuck” in time. with a Roman chariot rider winding up in Metropolis, and Jimmy Olsen taking his place in ancient times.  Superman gets summoned by the Guardians of the Universe.  They tell him of the Anachronids, creatures destroying time as they move through it.  To defeat them, two people must run into them from the opposite direction, at their speed, with green necklaces.  Superman is to enlist the Flash to join this.  Superman agrees.  The Guardians keep secret that the necklaces draw directly on the Power Battery, draining the energy from the entire Corps.


So off they go into space.  It’s a race, but not really against each other, as it’s critical that they reach the Anachronids at the same time.  Along the way, they see a star go nova because of the creatures, and deal with other effects of them.


Some good sci-fi drama, but the first half does not live up to the promise of the cover.


As the first half ends, Superman and Flash are facing the Anachronids.


And Jimmy Olsen is about to be executed.


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