World’s Finest 200 – Superman and Robin at the campus riot


At this time, Robin had moved out of Wayne Manor, and was attending Hudson University, in his own back-up series, written by Mike Friedrich.  The series dealt with university life during the turbulent Vietnam protest era, and the Superman/Robin story in World’s Finest 200 (Feb. 71) fits solidly in that realm.


Dick Dillin and Joe Giella handle the art on the story, which sees Clark Kent come to Hudson U. to report on the protests.  There are a pair of brothers on opposite sides of the issue.  Abruptly, the brothers and the heroes are warped off to another planet.


Robin and the brothers are separated from Superman, and left to fend for themselves on the alien world.


Superman is in a machine that drains him.  He believes that he is awake, and breaking out of the machine, but that is a programmed “dream,” which functions to drain him even faster.  Bad aliens doing this, to get super-energy to be even badder.


Robin gets the two brothers to stop fighting with each other, and together they find and penetrate the base where Superman is being held.  Robin frees him from the machine, and he takes down the aliens.


The story ends with Clark Kent reporting on the incident, and the brothers no longer fighting each other.  They will spend the rest of their lives guarding against alien attacks.

This story is the first time in World’s Finest that we see Clark working as a tv reporter.


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